Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hottest WAGs of Tennis Players

Brooklyn Decker 

Decker I am not the biggest tennis fan in the world, but if the cameras consistently showed the 20 hottest wives and girlfriends on this list, I would make sure to tune into every match.

Zaira Nara 

Typically, when one thinks about the hottest wives and girlfriends of professional athletics, football and baseball players come to mind. Even European soccer stars have some ridiculously beautiful ladies at their side. With that being said, I might have to agree that tennis players claim the top spot in this discussion.


I was never aware that tennis players hooked up with some of the most stunning women in the world. I guess I should have known considering how many physically attractive women grace the stands at all of the major tournaments.

Sara Foster 

Models and actresses make up the majority of the gorgeous WAGs on this list. Some of them have even put their career on hold just to tour with their significant other. If I were one of these lucky guys, I would stay in the best shape possible just to make sure I am physically fit to play tennis for a very long time.

Donay Meijer 


Kim Sears 


Cecilia de Liberti 

Make sure to click through the slideshow of the 20 hottest WAGs for the 2013 tennis season. Also, make sure to comment on who you think is the most gorgeous lady of them all. If one of your favorite tennis WAGs did not make the list, please let me know below in the comment section. However, make sure to be ready to back your opinion.

Emily Snider 


Biljana Sesevic


 Jarah Mariano 


 Jenni Mostrom


Francesca Fichera


Stacey Gardner 


Camilla Belle


Jelena Ristic risticMaria Perello 


Bec Hewitt 


Anfisa Stakhovsky


Ester Satorova


Suncica Travica


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